NSHE Security Insights – Cisco Security

NSHE Security Insights

As part of the ongoing program to bring education and vendor showcase opportunities to all campuses, NSHE Information Security hosted Cisco Systems on March 15.   The session was broadcast via video to all NSHE campuses as well as across the remote access video system.    Cisco provided an overview of the current threat environment and then walked through where their products fit in an overall security model to protect against those threats.   They produced a roadmap of how their products are typically implemented in order to gain the most benefit.

Cisco also offered a number of assessments and trials of their product lines for NSHE Institutions.  For more information about the Cisco products, please contact us and we’ll put you in touch with the Cisco presenters.

We will continue to bring opportunities to view current technology and products as well as introduce educational opportunities for all NSHE Institutions.  Announcements will be sent as we line these sessions up.