Security Awareness:  the individual realization of the consequences of actions (with the ability to assess intention and impact).

The purpose of security awareness is to provide the information and experience to reach the individual realization that actions and behaviors can increase or decrease risk.  A small shift in awareness can have big results.  When we are aware, we are able to work to reduce risk, recognize problems more quickly, and gain comfort in speaking out.  Ultimately, NSHE becomes more resilient.


SANS Securing The Human Awareness Video

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As part of our outreach efforts to our Institution Security and IT teams as well as the broader NSHE community, we will be offering several educational opportunities throughout the year.  These may include:

  • Round table discussions with industry experts;
  • Vendor solution showcases;
  • “What Works” demonstrations from campus security teams;
  • Educational seminars

We will post public events to this site as we work to spread the message of security.