Policies & Procedures

Board of Regents Handbook

The Handbook contains NSHE bylaws, Code and NSHE policies.   In particular, Information Security Policy is found in Title 4, Chapter 1, Section 24.  The link above will open in a new window and show PDF’s of all sections of NSHE Board of Regents handbook including the Title and Chapter containing the information security policy.

NSHE Security Operations Procedures and Guidelines (3172 downloads )

In accordance with the Board of Regents Handbook, Title 4, Chapter 1, Section 24 – subsection 4(d), the development of an Information Security Operations Procedures and Guidelines Manual was developed and reviewed by the NSHE Information Security Governance bodies.

NSHE-SCS Firewall Change Request New (2810 downloads )

To request a firewall rule change (addition, deletion, change) submit the completed form to the SCS Service Desk.   Alternatively, you may simply provide all the required information including source, destination, port, and the business reason/description for the change request.   If this is to replace previous IP’s from a different rule, please identify the servers and the date upon which those IP’s should be deleted.    Firewall change requests without the required information will be returned to the requester.